Howdy! Happy Just a quick hello ...

Lot’s of changes and updates are happening ... But not on these pages at the moment. I’m currently focusing my efforts on both (my own) education and some work projects. Don’t expect too much to happen to this web page ... Well, you probably don’t. Happy

I’m currently trying to complete a bachelor’s degree, so I have both exams and writing occupying more time than I have.

This post is mainly to test the publishing software after a move to a different web and email hosting company/server.

Is Apple being mean to Google, or Google being sloppy?

Have you ever gotten the warning that a address book sync will change 500 contacts in you address book. And your options are to review now, go ahead or postpone the sync until later … I’ve had this lots lately. Frustrating! Read More...

Site Moved … Hopefully Unnoticed Happy

I just moved my stuff to a new web host. I’ll probably change publication solution sometime in the not too far future, too, but no dates or deadlines mentioned, as this is only for my spare time fun … At the moment I’m considering/checking out Drupal ... Also considering something based on Ruby, Rails, or Python/Django …
Time will tell ... Happy

Flawless Upgrade to OpenIndiana (oi_147)

OpenIndiana Logo
I just upgraded from OpenSolaris’ developer build 133 (snv_133) to OpenIndiana’s first build (oi_147).

I followed the instructions found at the OpenIndiana Wiki. There’s a link to there from the OpenIndiana Download page.
So first i added/changed to the legacy repo/publisher and upgraded from snv_133 to snv_134, without any problems.

And then I switched to the OpenIndiana developer repo/publisher and did another “pkg image-update -v”, and it all went flawless. No errors of any kind.

I must say I have been impressed by the stability and performance of OpenSolaris and now OpenIndiana. Thumbs up! Recommended! Happy

Nisus Writer Pro Tip: Same Page Section Breaks

Nisus Writer Pro Logo
I’m still not sure how I’ll use this blog, but right now I just felt the need to praise Nisus Writer Pro and a feature I’ve just discovered: Same page section breaks. I find myself using Nisus for stuff which it was not originally intended, like DTP work. So even if I might miss a couple of features (especially for DTP like work), I still end up using Nisus Writer Pro, because the existing features are so amazingly well implemented. Read More...