Flawless Upgrade to OpenIndiana (oi_147)

OpenIndiana Logo
I just upgraded from OpenSolaris’ developer build 133 (snv_133) to OpenIndiana’s first build (oi_147).

I followed the instructions found at the OpenIndiana Wiki. There’s a link to there from the OpenIndiana Download page.
So first i added/changed to the legacy repo/publisher and upgraded from snv_133 to snv_134, without any problems.

And then I switched to the OpenIndiana developer repo/publisher and did another “pkg image-update -v”, and it all went flawless. No errors of any kind.

I must say I have been impressed by the stability and performance of OpenSolaris and now OpenIndiana. Thumbs up! Recommended! Happy

Nisus Writer Pro Tip: Same Page Section Breaks

Nisus Writer Pro Logo
I’m still not sure how I’ll use this blog, but right now I just felt the need to praise Nisus Writer Pro and a feature I’ve just discovered: Same page section breaks. I find myself using Nisus for stuff which it was not originally intended, like DTP work. So even if I might miss a couple of features (especially for DTP like work), I still end up using Nisus Writer Pro, because the existing features are so amazingly well implemented. Read More...

New Blog for Bible Nerds and updated article on Bible Translations

Today I opened a new blog, flips' Blog in my Bible Nerds section. If you're interested in Bible translations, Bible software, Christian books and so on, take a look. Happy

I also added an article on Bible Translations on my Bible Nerds section front page.

Added Info on DVD Ripping/Video Encoding + MacJournal Update

Added a small article on DVD Ripping/Video Encoding software in the Computer Geek Section, on the Mac OS X page. I also updated the article on MacJournal on the same page.

Small Update on Music Ripping Software

Just updated the article on Music Ripping Software on my Computer Geek page. Added comment on the Mp3tag software and expanded a little on the existing material on dBpoweramp.

Added Bible Software Articles

Added articles about Bible software for Mac, iPhone, Linux and PalmOS. So if you’re a Bible nerd and a computer geek, you should be happy to find this. It’s located in the sub page Bible Software in the Bible Nerd section. Happy reading! Happy

New Mac, Linux and Other Articles

Stuff is starting to show up here. There is lots of new applications mentioned on the Mac OS X page. There is also a new article on the different Linux/UNIX Distributions on the Linux/UNIX page. And there is a page about Sofware Sequencers on the Music Creation page.

The Luminum Project has also gotten it’s own page.


Added an article/a comment on the WWJD vs WiJD issue. Read it and be happy (or angry) ... Winking
I also added a funny illustration (old, but good). Laugh The article is located in the Bible Nerd section.

Welcome to this Brand New Luminated.net Website

Luminated.net has not been a very active website so far. It has mostly been used for testing purposes. I cannot promise a high activity level now, either, but there are chances that it might happen, as I find it fun writing about stuff I like, and I got this program for maintaining sites, RapidWeaver, that looks pretty good. (Got it through the previous MacHeist bundle.)

My general idea so far is just to write about topics and stuff I care about, not sure yet whether it will be mostly in the form of a blog, like this page, or more static pages ... Time will tell.

God bless! Happy