Site Moved … Hopefully Unnoticed Happy

I just moved my stuff to a new web host. I’ll probably change publication solution sometime in the not too far future, too, but no dates or deadlines mentioned, as this is only for my spare time fun … At the moment I’m considering/checking out Drupal ... Also considering something based on Ruby, Rails, or Python/Django …
Time will tell ... Happy

New Blog for Bible Nerds and updated article on Bible Translations

Today I opened a new blog, flips' Blog in my Bible Nerds section. If you're interested in Bible translations, Bible software, Christian books and so on, take a look. Happy

I also added an article on Bible Translations on my Bible Nerds section front page.

Welcome to this Brand New Website has not been a very active website so far. It has mostly been used for testing purposes. I cannot promise a high activity level now, either, but there are chances that it might happen, as I find it fun writing about stuff I like, and I got this program for maintaining sites, RapidWeaver, that looks pretty good. (Got it through the previous MacHeist bundle.)

My general idea so far is just to write about topics and stuff I care about, not sure yet whether it will be mostly in the form of a blog, like this page, or more static pages ... Time will tell.

God bless! Happy