New Blog for Bible Nerds and updated article on Bible Translations

Today I opened a new blog, flips' Blog in my Bible Nerds section. If you're interested in Bible translations, Bible software, Christian books and so on, take a look. Happy

I also added an article on Bible Translations on my Bible Nerds section front page.

Added Bible Software Articles

Added articles about Bible software for Mac, iPhone, Linux and PalmOS. So if you’re a Bible nerd and a computer geek, you should be happy to find this. It’s located in the sub page Bible Software in the Bible Nerd section. Happy reading! Happy


Added an article/a comment on the WWJD vs WiJD issue. Read it and be happy (or angry) ... Winking
I also added a funny illustration (old, but good). Laugh The article is located in the Bible Nerd section.