Nisus Writer Pro Tip: Same Page Section Breaks

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I’m still not sure how I’ll use this blog, but right now I just felt the need to praise Nisus Writer Pro and a feature I’ve just discovered: Same page section breaks. I find myself using Nisus for stuff which it was not originally intended, like DTP work. So even if I might miss a couple of features (especially for DTP like work), I still end up using Nisus Writer Pro, because the existing features are so amazingly well implemented. Read More...

Added Bible Software Articles

Added articles about Bible software for Mac, iPhone, Linux and PalmOS. So if you’re a Bible nerd and a computer geek, you should be happy to find this. It’s located in the sub page Bible Software in the Bible Nerd section. Happy reading! Happy

New Mac, Linux and Other Articles

Stuff is starting to show up here. There is lots of new applications mentioned on the Mac OS X page. There is also a new article on the different Linux/UNIX Distributions on the Linux/UNIX page. And there is a page about Sofware Sequencers on the Music Creation page.

The Luminum Project has also gotten it’s own page.