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To Know, Guard or Watch Over? (Ps. 1:6, Heb. "Yada")

In Psalm 1:6 traditional Bible translations, like the King James Version, English Standard Version and many others, states that the Lord “knows” the way of the righteous. Other translations have other solutions, like the TNIV and HCSB that states that the Lord “watches over” the way of the righteous. Read on to get more details ... Happy Read More...

Psa. 37:3–4 — New Depths Discovered in Translation Differences

Translating from Hebrew is hard, and in some places the different Bible translations have translated the same passages of scripture quite differently. Recently I happened to notice significant differences between translations in Psalm 37:3-7. Digging into this has been enriching, revealed deeper meaning to me. In this post I dig into the verses 3-4.

One example of how the translations differ (in verse 3):
Should we live securely/in safety, protect our integrity, cultivate faithfulness or feed on God’s faithfulness? Read More...

Phil. 2:6 "thought it not robbery" (HCSB and TNIV vs. KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, NET, NLT, AMP and NIV)

I never understood why Paul find it necessary to explain that Jesus did not see it as robbery to be equal to God (Phil. 2:6), it made no sense to me. But a couple of days ago I finally understood what that verse really meant, thanks to the HCSB/TNIV. Read More...