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December 2023 Redesign

Previous update was on February 3rd in 2014. Behind the scenes I've been working on different designs in different publishing solutions. Also, I didn't transfer much old content, so if you're looking for older content, please check the links (button) to the Wayback Machine from the Redesign section of my About Page.

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This Blog Has Two Main Parts:

  1. Articles about technologies, software and hardware, that I use, care about or research and learn about are all sorted in this Nerd Category.

  2. Articles about the Bible, different Bible translations, Christian books, Bible Study Software and so on, are all sorted in this Hallelujah Category.

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Best Word Processor for the Mac?

Why does some people, like me, bother looking for other Word Processor apps than Apple Pages or Microsoft Word? Here's my take on this and why I prefer other alternatives.

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