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This page is dedicated to different computer software I feel like mentioning. This page has three sub pages:

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Looking for Something in Particular?

  • Looking for Bible software? I have a dedicated page to that, located in the Hallelujah (Bible Geek) section.
  • Looking for DVD Ripping/Video Encoding Software? I have an article covering that on my Mac OS X Software page. (If you need ripping software for Windows or Linux, all I can do, is point you to Handbrake and

Music Ripping Software

In addition to the above mentioned categories, I would also like to mention the CD ripping/Music Converting software dBpoweramp from Illustrate. It is the only piece of software that still makes me turn to Windows every now and then. (It works well in VMware.) dBpoweramp CD ripper is very flexible, has a rich set of available codecs, uses Accuraterip for speed and accuracy and PerfectMeta (AMG, GD3, MusicBrainz and freedb simultaneously) for meta tags. It’s possible to rip to many formats at the same time (using the MultiEncoder) and you can add different DSP effects and custom tags. The only drawback for me, is that it’s only for Windows so far ... (The only times I’ve been turning to iTunes, is when I need Gracenote to find the metadata. But now I can use SongGenie in these cases, for more read my Mac Apps page. I generally don’t find iTunes to be flexible enough for my need, as I usually rip to more than one format/quality.) I searched and found dBpoweramp some years ago when I was looking for a tool to help me mass convert lots of FLAC files without loosing meta info, album art and so on. (So it's much more than just a CD ripper.)

As I already run Windows for ripping and such, I have also found Mp3tag to be useful every now and then. (I found it to be quicker/easier for mass renaming of files based on tag contents than dBpoweramp Music Converter, but that might have changed in later versions.) I haven't found any comparable application for tagging music files on Mac OS X, please let me know if you have found one.

The best CD ripping software I’ve used for Mac OS X, is Max. It doesn’t offer error correction, but other than that, it worked well. On Linux I have mostly used grip.